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02 - Indian Baskets 02A - S California Mission Indian Baskets Works

Large Antique Kumeyaay / San Diego Mission Indian Tray, Snake and Human Pictorial
Important THELMA PABLO Large 17" d. Morongo Band of Southern California Mission Indians Antique Basketry Bowl with Radiating horizontal and vertical lines motifs at midline. PROVENANCE: ORIGINAL LABEL reading " Thelma Pablo - Morongo")
Mission Basket - Desert Cahuilla Indian circa 1900-1920
67 Mission indian basketry bowl; circa 1900
Mission Cahuilla Palm Springs Gathering/ Storage Basket, c. 1900-1920
Mission Basket, Diegueno with lid
Antique Southern California Mission Indian Basket, Three-Leaf Sumac leaves designs and woven in juncus and sumac
Mission basket; Kumeyaay; circa 1900
Southern California Mission Indian Basket, c 1900 - 1920
Southern California Mission basket; circa 1910
38 Mission polychrome basket with star motif; Desert Cahuilla; circa 1900-1920
California Mission Indian, Kumeyaay, Basket circa 1900
Mission Basket (Serrano or Desert Cahuilla Southern California "Mission Indian" basketry bowl circa 1890-1900
Mission Basket Bowl with letters, fine weave
Mission basket; rare 4 color
Mission baskety tray; oval form; Kumeyaay (Southern California desert ); circa 1900-1920
Antique Southern California Mission Indian (Luiseno / Cahuilla) Polychrome Pictorial Basket
46 Mission polychrome basketry tray with unusual black rim; Serrano; circa 1910
Mission Basket: Kumeyaay Diegueno Pictorial
56 Mission basket; circa 1880
Small Mission Star basket
Kumeyaay Southern California Mission Basket; floral motif
Mission basket