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03 - Pueblo Pottery 03B - Acoma And Laguna Pueblo Pottery Works

Acoma Parrot Pot by Lucy Lewis
Emma Lewis Acoma Pueblo Jar
Pueblo Pottery: Acoma Polychrome Canteen/ water jar
Acoma Pueblo Pottery by Sarah Garcia
Acoma/Laguna Pueblo Pottery, Polychrome Bowl with Pie Crust Rim
Acoma effigy face pitcher with handle, black and brown on white, Signed RM
Acoma Pueblo Indian Pottery, Parrot Wedding Jar with Braided Handle by Eva Histia (signed E.H.)
Acoma Pueblo Indian Pottery Bowl, Polychrome
Acoma Pueblo Indian Pottery: Salt and Pepper Shakers
Acoma pottery canteen
Acoma polychrome pot; signed "STC"
Acoma Pottery: Aku, Four Times Aku, C. Maurus Chino, 1987
Acoma Pueblo Pottery, Miniature Seed Jar Bear Pot with Line Geometrics, Commercial Clay
Acoma Pueblo Pottery, Miniature Seed Jar with Geometrics and Lizards, by J. Lewis
Small Acoma pottery jar by Dora Antonio
9.5" ht Antique Acoma polychrome tall vase with scalloped rim
Acoma Miniature Owl by Dolores Lewis
Acoma Polychrome Pottery Jar by Sarah Garcia, with Turkey Motif
Acoma Pottery Owl 3 3/4" x 5 1/2" c.1980s
Acoma Pottery Turtle by Lucy M Lewis 4 3/8" x 2"
Acoma Pottery with Handles 7" x 7 3/8" c.1970s
Acoma Seed Jar by R. Concho
Black and White Acoma Pottery Jar by Rose Chino 7 1/2" x 5 1/4" c.1960
Emma Lewis (1931-2013) rabbits motifs pottery 5"x4.5" from Acoma Pueblo
Huge 13"x14" Acoma Polychrome Pottery Jar by Loretta Joe
Huge 14" ht Acoma Polychrome Pottery Jar / Olla with Bow Motif
Large Antique Acoma Olla with the word "Acoma" painted in side
Lee Ann Cheromiah Pottery Jar (Old Laguna Pueblo, NM)
Lucy M Lewis Geometric Revival 3 3/8" x 4 5/8"
Mini Acoma Pottery 2"
Rare Signature Lucy & Mary Lewis Polychrome Deer Pictorial Pot 7" diameter x 4.75" ht