07 - Jewelry-Old Y - Mexican Jewelry - Vintage Taxco Works

Antique Taxco Pin: Los Castillo Escutcheon Lock and Key (2.5" ht x 2" w)
Taxco Screwback Earrings by Frederick Davis (1880-1961): Amethyst on Sterling Silver, Floral Motif (1")
Taxco Cufflinks: Rectangular Form, Silver Overlay (1")
Taxco Pendant: Sterling Silver Medallion, Warrior Motif (2.5" d)
Taxco Ring: Jade (Size 8)
Taxco Pendant: Sterling Silver Medallion, Face Motif (2.5" d)
Taxco Bracelet by Enrique Ledesma: Tortoise Shell, Sun and Indian Head Motifs in Silver and Mother of Pearl (8")
Taxco Joagi Screwback Earrings: Face Motif (1.5")
Taxco Screwback Earrings: Face Motif (1.75" drop)
Taxco Screwback Earrings: Inlaid Mother of Pearl and Jet (1.5")
Taxco Screwback Earrings by A. Villasam (1.25")
Taxco Pin, Signed: Seven Green Stone Settings
Taxco Screwback Earrings: Black and Sterling Silver (1")
Taxco Screwback Earrings Signed "AJM": Jade (0/75")
Taxco Pin: Round (2.75" d)
Taxco Pin: Oval Form, Light Purple Gem (1.25" x 1.5")
SET of Taxco Jewelry: Screwback Earrings and Ring
Igualerro Taxco Screwback Earrings (1")
Los Castillo Taxco Pin (0.75" x 1.25")
Mexican Pin, Signed" HER FLOR CX": Pitcher (2.5")
Mexican Screwback Earrings: Rectangular, Single Settings, Raised Leaf Motifs (1")
Set of Taxco Screwback Earrings and Pin: Teardrops
Set of Taxco Link Bracelet and Screwback Earrings: Cloud Motif, Abalone, Mother of Pearl on Sterling Silver (7" bracelet, earrings 1" each)
Taxco Belt Buckle: Inlaid Clover Motif and Raised Silver Boot Motif (1 1/8" x 2 5/8")
Victoria Taxco Pins (2" x 1.5")
Taxco Screwback Earrings, Hallmarked "ETM": Ten-Point Star, Multistone (1" d)
Taxco Pin by Enrique Ledesma: Tortoise Shell, Sun Motif in Silver and Mother of Pearl (1.5" x 2.5")
Taxco Bracelet: Face Motif, Twistwire and Coils (7"-8" max wrist size)
Taxco Bracelet: Four Pieces, Mother of Pearl Inlay (7.5")
Ballesteros Taxco Screwback Earrings (1")
Antique Victoria Taxco Pin/Pendant: Silver, Copper, Brass (2.75" ht x 1.75" w)
Mexican Alpaca Screwback Earrings: Round (1" d)
Mexican Screwback Earrings by A. Villasana: Oval Earrings (1.25")
Mexican Screwback Earrings: Rectangular Settings, Raised Silver (0.5")
Taxco Choker Necklace: Sterling Silver (15")
Mexican Cuff Bracelet: Multistone Center Band with Silver Motif, on Sterling Silver (5.5" + 1" gap)
Taxco Cufflinks: Rectangular Form (1")
Taxco Link Bracelet: Amethyst (8.75")
Taxco Cufflinks: Oval Form, Inlaid Stones
Taxco Link Bracelet: Amethyst on Silver 980 (7.25")
Taxco Cuff Bracelet: Rectangular Form, Face Motif (6.5"-6.75" max wrist size)
Taxco Link Bracelet: Inlaid Mother of Pearl (7" l)
Taxco Cuff Bracelet: Face Motif, Four Rods, Twistwire, Beads (7"-8" max wrist size)
Taxco Link Bracelet: Mosaic Inlaid Stone (7")
Taxco Mateo Ring: Jade, Rectangular (Size 11)
Taxco Pin by Enrique Ledesma (2")
Taxco Pin by Enrique Ledesma: Tortoise Shell, Fish Motif in Silver (1.5" x 2.5")
Taxco Bracelet: Detailed Silver, with Chain (adjusts 6" - 9 1/2")
Mexican Post Earrings: Sterling Silver
Mexican Screwback Earrings, Hallmarked "PLAFINA": Aztec Calendar (1" d)
Taxco Pin: Leaf, Abalone Inlay on Sterling Silver (2.5")
Taxco Screwback Earrings: Grapes (1")
Taxco Pin: Grapes, Silver (2.5" ht x 2.25" w)
Vintage Taxco Silver Pin: Grapes
Antique Taxco Pin: Grapes, Silver and Brass (2" x 2")
Taxco Pin: Silver Grape Leaf (1.5" x 2")
Taxco Pin: Fish, Inlaid Mother of Pearl (1.5")
Taxco Screwback Earrings: Round, Face Motif (1" d)
Taxco Screwback Earrings (0.75" x 0.5")
Taxco Ring: Lapis (Size 5)
Taxco Clip: Rectangular Form (1 3/8")
Taxco Necklace: Silver Overlay Choker
Mexican Pin: Sterling Silver (1")
Taxco Pin: Sterling Silver (1.5")
Mexican/Taxco Ring: Resizeable
Choker Necklace: Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper (15 1/2")
Mexican Bangle Bracelet: Sterling Silver, Stamped (2.75" d)
Mexican Drop Earrings: Large Hoops with Amethyst, Sterling Silver (4.25" drop)
Mexican Cuff Bracelet: Flower Motif (4 7/8" + 1 1/4" gap)
Mexican/Taxco Pottery: Copper Jar (3" ht x 5" d)
Taxco Ring: Amber (Size 7)
Taxco Ring: Amber (Size 9)
Vintage Mexican Bronze & Copper; Handmade