08 - Jewelry-New BB5 - Bracelets - 1970-Today Works

Alvin Yellowhorse Narrow Bracelet, hallmarked
Bracelet, Indian Head, Plus Nine Turquoise stones, by Johnny Benavidez of Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM
Coral Bracelet with 5 Stones
Darryl Becenti Navajo elaborate Reposse embossed Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with High Grade Turquoise Mountain Turquoise Square-cut in the early 20th c style. Fits 7" wrist best.
Darryl Becenti Valley Blue Truquoise and Ingor Silver with Reposse Navajo Sterling Silver cuff bracelet fits 6 7/8" wrist best
Five Matched Blue and Green with Copper matrix Pilot Mountain Turquoise Cabachons in heavy ingot silver cuff by Navajo silversmith Guy Hoskie 6 1/4
Loloma -inspired Raised Stone Row Bracelet by Dee Brown, Fits up to Size 7, with Jet and two details in Yellow-green Serpentine and One in Turquoise
Multi stone Inlaid Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet by Navajo Inlay Jeweler Pamela Daniels, 6 3/8"
Navajo 5 Turquoise Row Bracelet signed "JM" with very fine and unusual turquoise
Navajo bracelet with 4 fine coral setting and turquoise heishi
Navajo Bracelet with Dancer Motif in Mother of Pearl, Coral, Turquoise, Jet
Navajo Bracelet with Six Coral Stones
Navajo Bracelet with three high quality, natural turquoise settings
Navajo Bracelet with Three Turquoise Stones
Navajo Bracelet with Turquoise Stone and Silver Diamond Patterns, hallmarked
Navajo Bracelet, inlay, Isabel Eddie
Navajo Bracelet, Sterling Silver and Large Turquoise
Navajo Bracelet; with 5 turquoise settings
Navajo Jet inlaid Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver, fits up to 6 1/4" wrist
Navajo Mosiac multistone bracelet; hallmark similar to Larry Ddoge
Navajo Sterling Silver and Alternating Square Cut and Round Cut Coral Bezel set cabachon Row bracelet, 6 1/4"
Navajo Sterling Silver and Turquoise bracelet
Navajo with thre turquoise settings.
Old-style Navajo Square-cut Pilot Mountain Turquoise Cabachon cuff bracelet by Andy Cadman, Fits 6 1/4" wrist best
Shadowbox bracelet by King, with Treated Turquoise stone
Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with Inlaid Turquoise by Navajo inlay jeweler Timothy Whitegoat, 6 1/2"
Superior Example Navajo Intricate Multistone Sunface Motifs Bracelet by Gilbert Calavaza "GMC" fits up to 7 1/8" wrist, Lapis, high grade spiderweb turquoise, coral ,mother of pearl
W.J. Panteah Five Turquoise Heavy Bracelet, "Josie Panteah" Zuni
Wide Navajo Bracelet 1 3/4"w 1 1/2"l by Delbert Vandever Sterling
Zuni Coral/Turquoise Small Bracelet
Zuni link bracelt by Effie Calavaza
Zuni Petit-Point Cluster Bracelet /w Wing Motifs 5" + 1 1/4" gap = 6 1/4" wrist size