November 2, 2018 - New Acquisitions of Antique Pueblo
Pottery & more!

Hopi Pottery: c. 1920 Large Stew Bowl (4 3/4" ht x 9 3/8" d)
Antique Hopi Pottery: Jar attr. Nampeyo Period 3 (1910-1917) (4" ht x 9" d)
San Ildefonso Pottery: 1966 Blackware by Blue Corn, Feather Motif (2 3/4" ht x 3 1/8" d)
Cochiti Pottery: c. 1970 Storyteller with Child by Seferina Ortiz (4" ht)
Zuni Pottery: 1996 Owl and Baby Owl, by E. Katestewa (3.25" ht)
Antique Hopi Pottery: c. 1920 Polychrome Bowl (2.5" ht x 6.75"d)
Santa Clara Pottery: c. 1990s Sgraffito Jewel Redware by Emily Tafoya, Coyote/Bison Motif (2.5" ht x 1.25" d)
Hopi Basketry: Mid-20th Century Coiled Plaque, Star/Floral Motif (14.25" d)
Hopi Basketry: Mid-20th Century Coiled Tray, Floral Motif (11" d)
Santa Clara Pottery: c. 1950s Polychrome Redware, Avanyu Motif (3 1/8" ht x 5 1/4"d.)
Hopi Pottery: Polychrome by Adelle Nampeyo (3" ht x 4.25" d)
Acoma Pottery: c. 1920-1940 Polychrome Vase, Scalloped Rim (9.5" ht x 5.5" d)
Navajo Rug: c. 1970s Classic Revival, Vegetal, Earthtones (30" x 52")
Antique Havasupai Basketry: c. 1910 Polychrome Bowl (3.5" ht x 5.25" d)
Antique Mojave Pottery: c. 1930 Jar, Kokopelli Motif (2" ht x 2.25" d)
Prehistoric Pottery: c. 1400 A.D. Salado (AZ) Bowl, Black Painted Interior, Texturized Exterior (4.75" ht x 6.75" d)
Prehistoric Pottery: c. 1100 A.D. Anasazi Bowl, Painted (4" ht x 8" d)
Prehistoric Pottery: c. 1100 A.D. Southwest Anasazi Bowl (3" ht x 6.75" d)
Santa Clara Pottery: 1998 Small Blackware by Linda Tafoya (1.75" ht x 2.25" d)
Santa Clara Pottery: Blackware by Madeline Naranjo (6.5" x 4.5")
Santa Clara Pottery: Small Sgraffito Jewel Redware by Sue Romano, Horned Toad Motif (1.5" x 1.5")
Antique Pima (Arizona) Pottery: c. 1920 Jar, Horseshoe, Fish, and Animal Motifs, Rare Historic Trading Post Label (3.5" ht x 4" d)
Jemez Pottery by C. Sandia: Small Black on Red Jar
Santa Clara Pottery: c. 1970 Blackware Frog Effigy (1" ht)
Pair of Hopi Pottery: Bowls by Gertrude Adams (each 2.25" ht x 3.25" d)
Antique Kawaiisu Basket: c. 1850-1880 (4" ht x 5" w)
Chimayo Blanket: Mid-20th c. Runner (23" x 44")
Pillow Cover: Southwest Area, Two Grey Hills (21" x 21")